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Evanston RoundTable
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  • Evanston’s reputation for outstanding public schools has long been a draw for families looking to settle in this area. But when students are looking for an experience traditionally not found in the public schools, Evanston provides some excellent alternatives.
  • First a swamp, then a horse trough, then a traffic snarler, then a war memorial, Fountain Square is poised for yet another reinvention. But one thing remains the same: It is the beating heart of Evanston.
  • Downsizing can be emotionally difficult, but two Evanston businesses offer lots of advice: "A favorite 40-year old mink coat is still 40 years old."
  • Knowing your options makes growing older a lot easier.
  • I could get figurative, ask you to imagine life without the color yellow. … There’s no orange without yellow. Children could no longer draw the sun.
  • Speaking from his office in a far corner of Morton Civic Center, Steve Hagerty, who was elected Mayor of Evanston in April 2017, said that he’s learning that being mayor is akin to being a chairman of the board.
  • A look at the lives of refugees who have found a home - and haven - in Evanston
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