The overwhelming preference among parents and guardians of Evanston Township High School students is for their child to attend school in-person this fall, if the option is available.  This was one of the key findings of a parent survey recently conducted by ETHS.  Survey results were released on the afternoon of July 22, hours before a scheduled Town Hall video meeting with school leaders, who then confirmed the reversal of their July 13 decision to begin hybrid – in-person and remote – learning after Labor Day and reaffirmed their decision to postpone implementing that model.  

ETHS had been considering a combination of in-person and remote learning options when the parent survey was fielded.  However, during the last few weeks, school leaders became more concerned about the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 between students and from students to teachers and staff.  On July 18, ETHS announced the adoption of a remote learning model starting Monday, Aug. 17 to continue “until further notice” in an email to students, parents and guardians.

Almost three-quarters of parents, 1,397 out of 1,900 responding, chose the option for in-person school attendance.  A small number of parents (23) responded that due to underlying health conditions their student would not attend school in-person.

Asked to rank scheduling options, both parents and students preferred an in-person school scheduling option (either alternating weeks or days in school) over learning remotely at home full-time.

Instruction in core content areas was deemed critical.  Eighty-three percent of parents and guardians chose instruction in reading, writing, history, science and math as one of the top three priorities for students while attending school in-person.  Classes such as art, music, P.E. and electives also received strong support. 

Transportation to school did not appear to be a concern for students attending school in-person.  About 65% of parents indicated they will be able to transport their student to school.  Another 20% indicated their child planned to walk, bike or take public transportation to school.

The survey results are available here.