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‘After the Revolution’

Parents generally try to raise their kids in their own image, striving to shape in them “proper” morals, ideals and even political leanings. These traits almost inevitably reflect their parents’ opinions and perceptions. Parents tread a fine line when they occasionally omit certain facts; they may present a destructively one-sided point of view, even when […]

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‘Cities of Light’

Playwright Rebecca Joy Fletcher’s dramatized cabaret, “Cities of Light,” is a unifying embodiment of the inner strength required in the creative process.  In this Piven Theatre Workshop production, the exploration of Jewish cabaret during the 1920s and 1930s and its migration due to Nazi occupation is an eye-opening, existentialist tale of hardships endured by those […]

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“Limitless” may be the worst anti-drug film in cinematic history. For protagonist Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), the benefits of using ultimately outweigh the negative consequences in almost every conceivable way. If one casts morals and messages aside, however, director Neil Burgerand screenwriter Leslie Dixon’s stylish, pulse-quickening adaptation of Alan Glynn’s novel “The Dark Fields” becomes […]

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Servant Of Two Masters

For the final production of its 10th season, Piccolo Theatre chose Carlo Goldoni’s centuries-old “Servant of Two Masters,” a play whose Commedia dell’ Arte style is right in the Piccolo’s wheelhouse. While playwright Goldoni’s disdain for actors’ taking too many liberties with his “Servant…” led to the demise of the improvisational elements of northern Italy’s […]