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Central Street Business Association Salutes Businesses on Street for 40 Years or More

Central Street is Evanston’s longest street, stretching east-to-west from Sheridan past Crawford to the city limits. The Central Street Business Association is glad to report this long street is home to some of the city’s longest-lasting organizations, starting with Northwestern Athletics, founded in 1896, and Flader’s Plumbing, founded in 1918. At its fall quarterly meeting […]

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Local Playwrights Stage a True Love Story ‘Ten Dollar House’ at Piccolo Theatre

These Evanston librarians know a good story when they hear one. And, the one they happened upon during their honeymoon was so good they turned it into a play. That play, “Ten Dollar House,” will be performed all of January at Piccolo Theatre on Main Street. Evanstonians Rick Kinnebrew and Martha Meyer are the playwrights. […]

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‘Year of Dawes’ Celebrates ‘Evanston’s History, Evanston’s House’

More than a hundred voices rang out from Dawes House the evening of Aug. 27. Party guests were singing “Happy Birthday, dear Charley” to the late but not forgotten Charles Gates Dawes on his 150th birthday. The birthday party was the Evanston History Center’s (EHC) way of launching what it calls the “Year of Dawes,” […]

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‘Frances Meets the Future …’ Celebrating Miss Willard’s 175th Birthday With A Crowd, a Conference and a Cake

The birthday girl was there in spirit only, but that was enough for the Frances Willard Historical Association to host a weekend celebrating the 175th birthday of Frances E. Willard (1839-98) on Sept. 28. The run-up to the birthday party was Saturday’s leadership program billed as “Frances Meets the Future, Re-Igniting the ‘Do Everything’ Spirit.” […]

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History Center Highlights Contributions of Evanston’s Cellini Shop to the Arts & Crafts Movement

The Arts and Crafts Movement that started around 1860 countered the dehumanizing ugliness of the industrial revolution by encouraging craftsmen to make beautiful objects for use in everyday life. Such objects ranged from clay pots and wood furniture to silver tableware and gold jewelry.  The movement spread from Europe to the United States, and included […]