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Marking a Year Without an Outbreak

July 6 was the one-year anniversary of the reopening of Learning Bridge Early Education Center. The preschool, like all Illinois schools, had closed in March by order of Governor J.B. Pritzker. When preschools could open as part of Phase 3 of the Governor’s plan, Learning Bridge welcomed back nearly 70 students. Children and staff adjusted […]

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A Look at Reparations From Three Faiths

Continuing their covenant to combat racism and confront the truth about their own past histories, two local churches will take the lead at noon on June 20 in a discussion of reparations from the perspectives of Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity. The covenant between Lake Street Church and Second Baptist Church was forged decades ago to […]

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The Five-Fifths TIF Aims to Enhance Black Businesses in the Fifth Ward

The June 3 meeting of the Joint Review Board to consider a recommendation on the Five-Fifths tax-increment financing TIF district attracted nearly twice the typical number of interested residents. They raised questions about the possible developments in the proposed TIF district, opening up the possibilities of robust discussions at the July 12 public hearing and […]

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A Musical Round of Vaccines

There is a sly contagion in “Vaccination Round,” an a cappela card of thanks to Anthony Fauci from singer-songwriter Kristin Lems and friends. The five-part round features Ms. Lems (“Astra Zeneca”), Carol Liner (“J. and J.”), Tom Cortese (“Moderna”), Tery Veras (“Pfizer”) and Lauran Miller (“Sputnik”) each singing the name of a Vaccine . The song ends with […]

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Green Day at the Post Office

A friend called a friend who called a friend, and a crew from Nature’s Perspective Landscaping showed up to do some yard work at the Davis Street Post Office. “Jay DeWitt brought it to Patrick Hughes’s attention” – that the Post Office was looking weedy and seedy, said Ben Klitzkie of Nature’s Perspective. “Once I […]

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Photos Around Town

Evanstonians have captured the beauty of late spring. At dawn in late May, Mary Mumbrue found these herons in the still waters of Lake Michigan near the lakefill.   Mike Roche found this bright butterfly alighting on a graceful stem at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. And at Lovelace Park, Sigrid Pilgrim wrote, she “found this […]