In the United States, 25% of newspapers have ceased operation, and 2,000 community newspapers have closed in the past 15 years. The vacuum created when local journalism declines poses a serious threat to democracy. Our democracy relies on a free press to educate its citizens about the critical issues facing our communities.

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Off to Kindergarten

When this year’s 5- and 6-year-olds wave good-bye to their families and walk through the door to kindergarten – as early as next week at local parochial schools and on Sept. 2 at District 65 public schools – the little people clutching the crayons might not be the ones reaching for the Kleenex. “I told […]

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A Café Called Reverence

Yvonne Skougard has a knack for intriguing names. The chef/owner called her Lincoln Square restaurant (now closed) ‘Ammo.’ She opened another in March, at 1840 Oak Ave. in Evanston. She calls it ‘Reverence.’ However dissimilar, the names show a common earnestness of purpose. But it is the first-class food that lures Evanston patrons back, they […]

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Musical Offering: In Tune with the Community

To say the Musical Offering, 743 Custer St., gives music lessons is to miss much of what makes the 8-year-old Evanston non-profit unique. The MO is dedicated to the belief that “beauty, artistic freedom and self-empowerment” flow from “shared musical experience,” says founder/artistic director Rick Ferguson. The word “shared” is key to understanding this grassroots […]