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Blue Ribbon Committee Confirms $145 Million Unfunded Liability in Pension Funds

In a 30-page report submitted to Mayor Lorraine Morton on Oct. 24, a Blue Ribbon Committee confirmed the City has an unfunded liability of $145.8 million in its police and firefighter pension funds. While the Committee has been studying the issue since April, it has no magic bullet to solve the problem. The Committee accepts […]

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Tentative City Budget Shows $2.8 Million Shortfall

With the national and global economies crumbling, the City of Evanston, like other municipalities, is trying to craft a budget that will preserve jobs and programs without undue strain on the community. “It’s been an extremely rocky year, as you are all well aware,” Interim City Manager Rolanda Russell told the City Council members, staff […]

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City Receives Award for Environmental Stewardship

Mayor Lorraine Morton and Interim City Manager Rolanda Russell accepted the 2008 Irwin A. Bock Award for Excellence in Public Administration-Community Environmental Stewardship Award for the City of Evanston at the Northwest Municipal Conference’s (NWMC) annual banquet last month. The Environmental Best Practices Committee recognized the accomplishments of the City of Evanston and the Village […]

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EDC Approves Funding for Evmark, Sales-Tax-Sharing for Farmer’s Best

At the Sept. 24 meeting of the Economic Development Committee, members unanimously approved $132,000 in funds for Evmark, the downtown marketing association. A special taxing district in downtown Evanston allows the City to collect additional taxes from the property owners there, and the EDC allocates some of these funds to Evmark. Carolyn Dellutri, the new […]