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Interim City Manager Russell Unveils Transition Plan for Management of City

Interim City Manager Rolanda Russell unveiled a transition plan last week to articulate a chain of command for City employees who have seen their ranks decimated over the past year by an early retirement incentive. Under Ms. Russell’s plan, three department directors – Doug Gaynor of Parks/Forestry and Recreation, Evonda Thomas of Health and Human […]

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Mortgage Foreclosures Accelerating, Gap in High-Cost Loans, Taking in Boarders to Make Ends Meet

Foreclosures Are Accelerating in Evanston The number of foreclosures filed on Evanston properties has been rapidly increasing. According to data reported by the Woodstock Institute, the number of foreclosure filings was 96 in 2005, 121 in 2006 and 179 in 2007. Between 2005 and 2007, the foreclosure filings increased by 87 percent. The number of […]

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City Will Use SNAP Program in Three Troubled Neighborhoods

Three troubled neighborhoods in Evanston will receive intense attention from many City departments over the next several months, as the SNAP program kicks off. SNAP, the Safer Neighborhood Area Project, will take a “holistic” approach to these troubled areas, which have been drawing a “tremendous amount of City services,” police officer Tanya Noble told the […]

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Human Services Committee

At the July 7 Human Services Committee meeting, aldermen reviewed the results of 10 complaints filed against police officers that arose between January and May of this year and accepted Police Chief Richard Eddington’s disposition of all but one of them. Complaints against police officers are investigated by the police department’s Office of Professional Standards […]

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Blue Ribbon Committee Update

Former City manager Julia Carroll met with the City’s Blue Ribbon Committee on July 2 to provide input concerning the unfunded liability in the City’s police and firefighter pension funds. There appears to be agreement amongst most Committee members that they should accept the estimate made by the City’s current actuary that pegs the unfunded […]