In the United States, 25% of newspapers have ceased operation, and 2,000 community newspapers have closed in the past 15 years. The vacuum created when local journalism declines poses a serious threat to democracy. Our democracy relies on a free press to educate its citizens about the critical issues facing our communities.

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Great panfishing is available in our local-area lakes and ponds. This article is about how to set up a fishing rod for bluegill — and also about the single mistake most fisherman make when panfishing. Panfish (bluegills, sunfish, redear and crappie) are some of the most popular fish of all, probably because they are available […]

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Went Fishing

Sorry I missed all of you the last week, but I had to take a small fishing trip. I was invited to take a fishing trip that most fishermen should try at least once in their life: the chance to fish a private pond that’s been stocked with largemouth bass. The pond was located in […]

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NU Student Group Works to Make Sustainability a Reality

Northwestern University’s chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World is not new to green. In fact, these students have been promoting sustainability for nearly five years. It is one of several environmental student groups on campus, but its emphasis on developing and following through with real-world applications of sustainable engineering is what truly sets it […]

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Spring Fishing Update

This has been a good spring for fishing in the area. The weather has been cooperating by keeping temperatures from getting too warm too quickly. This steadier temperature keeps fish shallower longer, making catching a lot of nice fish much easier from both boat and shore. More species are available closer to shore, too, since […]

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Shoreline Hotspots

Last time I said I would write about some current “hotspots” where the fish are biting really well. These are the spots that are accessible from shore, so fisherman can take the kids and try their luck. The “hottest” spot is the Skokie Lagoons. We have been getting reports of really great action from largemouth […]

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring is beginning and, depending on a person’s particular inclination, there are a number of indicators. For my wife, who gardens, the signs are the crocuses, tulips and daffodils emerging from their winter rest. For me, it is the opening of the shipping channels to the Great Lakes’ big ships that signals fishing season is […]