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Guest Essay: Climate Strike Speech: Stirring Words About Local and Global Impact, By Rachel Rosner

Hello Evanston! It’s been my great privilege to work, along with another ETHS parent and environmental activist, Becky Brodsky, to support a phenomenal group of young leaders in making this event happen. Please raise your hand if you are part of that team! I am deeply impressed with these students, and so inspired by them. […]

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Guest Essay, Placing the Vaping Crisis in Context,: Time to Rethink Our Relationship With Tobacco, By Don Zeigler

It is not enough to merely regulate or ban flavors in e-cigs. Maybe we should follow the lead of Beverly Hills, Cal., and just outright ban sale of all tobacco products. Our goal, of course, should be zero deaths from vaping, use of which is exploding among our youth. Since the very first death in […]

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Guest Essay: Domestic Violence and Gun Violence: A Lethal Relationship, By Kristen White

In 1966, Charles Whitman ascended a tower at the University of Texas and opened fire on people below. He killed 14 and injured 31 before he was shot to death by law enforcement. The University of Texas massacre is considered to be the beginning of mass shootings in the United States and it is worth […]

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Guest Essay: Help the Birds: Ways to Do Important Conservation Work, By Judy Pollock

Evanston can seem lacking in natural drama for those who are used to mountains and oceans. The county’s smallest forest preserve, an artificial waterway, a fairly tame lake … where can a person craving natural drama go? The person who loves birds never has this problem.   Birds provide beauty and fascination throughout the seasons: […]

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City Reparations Plan Moves Forward

Evanston City Council members are moving forward with a commission’s recommendation on reparations, including property tax relief and housing assistance for the City’s black residents, to address the wealth and opportunity gap those citizens have experienced because of past discriminatory practices. Aldermen voted 9-0 at their Sept. 9 meeting in favor of accepting the recommendations.  […]

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Guest Essay: Citywide Housing Push From Reclaim Evanston And Joining Forces, By Douglas Sharp Forces for Affordable Housing

During July, Reclaim Evanston and Joining Forces for Affordable Housing held meetings with residents in each of Evanston’s nine wards to get resident input and support for new policies that will increase affordable housing in Evanston. More than 150 residents attended the nine ward meetings. The campaign had three goals: educate residents about the housing […]

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Guest Essay: Seven Reasons the World Needs Us to Stop Growing Grass Lawns, By Allison Sloan

1. The grass lawn is an unnatural landscape invention from Europe. The first lawns were created in 17th- and 18th-century England and France as status symbols by wealthy landowners displaying that they had land to waste on non-agricultural use, as well as sheep or scythe-wielding servants to keep the grass shorn. Grass lawns were first […]

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Editorial: The City Needs More Than ‘Improvements’ to Cure Its Parking Problems

Last week the City of Evanston sent out a press release with the headline “City to Implement Parking Improvement Following Input From Residents.” The press release listed three changes the City plans to implement: • Allowing multiple parking sessions per day in the same parking zone, within limits. “The City has reduced the “lockout” period between […]

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Editorial: In Our View, Imposing Special Use Requirements on Residential Care Homes Would Violate Federal Civil Rights Laws

In 1993, City Council approved a new Zoning Code after several years of public hearings and extensive input from community members, land-use planners and lawyers. One part of the Zoning Code created two categories of residential care homes. Category I residential care homes provide housing for between four and eight unrelated people with a disability […]