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Reparations fund launched at Evanston Community Foundation

The Reparations Stakeholders Authority of Evanston (RSAE) announced  that it has established the Evanston Reparations Community Fund. The Fund will provide investment support for efforts in advancing Evanston’s Reparations Program and will be housed at the Evanston Community Foundation. This new Fund will be administered by the RSAE and is intended to directly benefit the […]

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Reparations Survey to Gather Information on Number of Black Evanstonians Discriminated Against by the City

On Jan. 22, the City’s Reparation Subcommittee’s main agenda item was to review a survey that will gather information from the Black community regarding reparations in Evanston.  “The purpose of this survey is to aid the City of Evanston in identifying and prioritizing and quantifying individuals for the City of Evanston reparations program,” said Tasheik […]

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Reparations Subcommittee Discusses How to Qualify Residents for Reparations, Some Residents Demand Cash Payments

On Dec. 14, City Council discussed the Reparations Subcommittee’s proposed programs to use the City’s Reparations Fund for home ownership assistance, home improvement assistance, and mortgage payment assistance. The initial budget for these programs is $400,000. Because the proposed programs were only on Council’s agenda for discussion, Council did not take action on the proposal. […]

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Council Discusses Home Ownership and Improvements As First Focus of City’s Reparations Program for Black Residents

Evanston officials are moving closer to getting the City’s first-time reparations program off the ground, though questions are arising about the administration of the program, including the form of payments to address past injustices to African American residents. In a presentation at the Dec. 14 City Council meeting, Deputy City Manager Kimberly Richardson told aldermen that the […]

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Report Examines the City of Evanston’s Practices That Impacted the Black Community, 1900-1960

In 1900 a total of 737 Black people lived in Evanston. Many lived along Evanston’s three railroad lines, and there were other pockets of Black people scattered throughout Evanston, including on Dempster Street near Judson Avenue; on South Boulevard near Chicago Avenue; and on Sherman Avenue near Lee Street. As the Black population grew by […]

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City Deputy Attorney: To Justify Reparations, City Needs to Demonstrate That It Was Actually Complicit in Past Discrimination

Nicholas Cummings, Deputy City Attorney for Evanston, explained at the Reparations Subcommittee meeting on Sept. 25 that in order for the City to make reparations to Black residents  through various housing programs, the City needs to demonstrate that it “was actually complicit” in housing discrimination against Black people in the past. It was thus necessary […]

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Education Subcommittee for Reparations Seeks New STEM School in Fifth Ward

The City’s Reparations Subcommittee held a Town Hall meeting by zoom on Aug. 27 at which members of the City’s Reparations Subcommittee, the Education Subcommittee for Reparations, and others made presentations outlining efforts to seek reparations in Evanston. Ald. Robin Rue Simmons (Fifth Ward), Chair of the Reparations Subcommittee, led off, saying “Until recently, when […]

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Reparations Subcommittee Recommends Housing Assistance Programs, and Guiding Principles

On Aug. 28, the Reparations Subcommittee decided to recommend that City Council approve the use of $400,000 in reparations funds for housing assistance programs that would benefit an estimated 16 households. The Subcommittee also approved a set of guiding principles that would apply to the distribution of referendum funds in the future. The principles, however, […]