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Reparations Committee Looks at Down-Payment Assistance and Other Housing Supports

Mark E. Alston, Owner of Alston & Associates Mortgage Company, and past 1st Vice President of the California Association of Real Estate Brokers, provided a three-page report titled “Reparations, Redressing Institutional Racism and Redlining, Evanston, lllinois” to the City’s Reparations Subcommittee. In his report, Mr. Alston recommends reparations in the form of down-payment and closing […]

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Evanston Reparations Subcommittee Will Have Three Aldermen as Members

On Jan. 13, City Council considered whether to add new members to the Evanston Reparations Subcommittee. Going into the meeting, Alderman Robin Rue-Simmons, 5th Ward, and Alderman Ann Rainey, 8th Ward, were the only members, although Alderman Peter Braithwaite, 2nd Ward, attended and participated in the Subcommittee’s first meeting on Jan. 10. Council unanimously appointed […]

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Letter to the Editor: Reparations

Editor: I am a reparations skeptic. From reading various sources (NPR, Evanston Now, Evanston Roundtable), it appears the primary reasons for reparations in Evanston center around disproportionate arrests for marijuana, black residents being priced out of their homes,  preserving black residency and predatory lending. Has any consideration been offered for the deterrent effect of potential […]

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City’s Reparations Subcommittee Members Give Preliminary Views on Form of Reparations

On Jan. 10, the Evanston Reparation Sub-Committee held its first meeting at the Aldermanic Library of the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center. At this point there are only two members: Alderman Robin Rue-Simmons (5th Ward) and Alderman Anne Rainey (8th Ward). Alderman Peter Braithwaite (2nd Ward) also attended. Deputy City Manager Kimberly Richardson and other […]

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City Provides Timeline on Developing a Reparations Plan

As part of efforts to address the wealth and opportunity gaps residents experience due to historical racism and discrimination, the City of Evanston today provided an update on reparations planning in Evanston and outlined next steps in the City’s process. To help the public better understand Evanston’s reparations process and timeline, the City created an […]

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Speakers at Reparations Town Hall Recount Oppression and Discrimination

The somber thread of black oppression permeated a town hall meeting on reparations, a conversation some deemed “transformative;” some, “continued;” and some, “overdue.” The meeting organized by Fifth Ward Alderman Robin Rue Simons and facilitated by the City’s Reparations Subcommittee in collaboration with the National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC), attracted several hundred people to […]

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City Reparations Plan Moves Forward

Evanston City Council members are moving forward with a commission’s recommendation on reparations, including property tax relief and housing assistance for the City’s black residents, to address the wealth and opportunity gap those citizens have experienced because of past discriminatory practices. Aldermen voted 9-0 at their Sept. 9 meeting in favor of accepting the recommendations.  […]