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School District 65’s Scores on 5 Essentials Survey Are ‘Discouraging’

The results of the annual 5Essentials survey show that in the 2019-2020 school year, School District 65 scored lower in each of the five areas deemed critical for school success than it did in the prior school year. The District scored in the “Less Implementation” range in two areas:  Effective Leaders and Collaborative Teachers. It […]

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D65 Finance Committee Opens Discussions on Mounting Projected Deficits

 At the Nov. 19 meeting, the District 65 Finance Committee kicked off its discussion about how to resolve the District’s structural deficit and how to truly balance the District’s operating revenues and its operating expenses without dipping into reserves, including the Referendum Reserve. To achieve this goal would likely require major cuts in programs and […]

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Another Round of Disappointment in the ETHS Student Achievement Report

Like the School Report Card produced by the Illinois State Board of Education, the Student Achievement Report compiled by Evanston Township High School administrators lacked certain information about student learning in 2019-20. While most schools, including ETHS, had prepared for “e-learning days” – which would likely occur because of foul weather – no district was […]

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Report Examines the City of Evanston’s Practices That Impacted the Black Community, 1900-1960

In 1900 a total of 737 Black people lived in Evanston. Many lived along Evanston’s three railroad lines, and there were other pockets of Black people scattered throughout Evanston, including on Dempster Street near Judson Avenue; on South Boulevard near Chicago Avenue; and on Sherman Avenue near Lee Street. As the Black population grew by […]

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A Different Slant on School Resource Officers at ETHS

Before approving the budget at their Sept. 21 meeting, District 202 Board members spent more than an hour discussing School Resource Officers (SROs) and their role and place in Evanston Township High School. Compared to their comments at the July 13 Board meeting, the thoughts expressed by several Board members appeared to be less sympathetic […]

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SROs in Evanston Schools: Part of the ‘Culture’ at ETHS, on the Perimeter for School Safety at District 65

School Resource Officers took center stage at the Q&A session hosted on July 20 by Mayor Stephen Hagerty. Evanston Police Chief Demitrous Cook, Deputy Police Chiefs Aretha Barnes and Melissa Salucti, Officers Loyce Spells and Mario Miller, Evanston Township High School Assistant Superintendent/Principal Marcus Campbell, District 65 Superintendent Devon Horton and Northwestern University Police Chief […]

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Police and Policing in Evanston: A Discussion

The police killings of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, George Floyd in Minneapolis and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta and their reverberations across this country have brought Evanston Police Chief Demitrous Cook into the spotlight as a Black law enforcement official. In public forums this month and in a follow-up conversation with the RoundTable, Chief Cook talked […]