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D65 Board Settles on Three Goals for 2011-12 and Future Years

The District 65 School Board discussed goals for the 2011-12 school year and future years at its June 20 meeting. The Board decided it would adopt three goals that relate to student achievement, finance and facilities, and full implementation of the District’s five-year strategic plan that extends for three more years. While the Board reached […]

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Setting Targets for Grades 3-12 Linked to the ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks

The linked article, by Larry Gavin, cites support for using the ACT’s college readiness benchmarks to set targets for grades 3-12. The article also summarizes some of the research that assesses the effectiveness of the ACT in measuring cognitive capabilities and in predicting college success and that considers the practical import of obtaining relatively high […]

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A History of Foster School and Desegregation in School District 65

In 1960, there were approximately 11,000 students in the District’s schools, 22% of whom were African American.  At that time, most of the District’s elementary schools were segregated.  The percentage of African American students at Foster school was 99%, at Dewey school – 66%, at Noyes and Central schools – 33%, and at Haven, Miller […]

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District 202 School Board Unanimously Approves Proposal to ‘Restructure the Freshman Experience’

Freshmen who enter Evanston Township High School in the fall of 2011 reading at grade level and above will now be assigned to a single level of Humanities class. It will be taught at the honors level and will require students to earn honors credit based on their performance on several common assessments to be […]

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RoundTable Series on Student Achievement at School Districts 65 and 202

This paper contains all three articles in the RoundTable’s series on student achievement at Evanston/Skokie School District 65 (2001-09) and ETHS School District 202 (2004-09), published in June/July 2010. The articles, by Larry Gavin, are based on extensive reports prepared by Paul Zavitkovsky of the Urban School Leadership Program at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Rather […]