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School District 65 to Enhance Data-Driven Learning Environments

At the District 65 School Board’s May 6 meeting, District administrators said that all schools were required to administer the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test in the winter of the 2018-19 school year, in addition to in the fall and the spring. The requirement will continue going forward. Previously, each school had the option […]

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District 65 Board Praises Strategic Plan Focusing on Children, From Birth to Age 5

At the April 22 District 65 School Board meeting, Sharon Sprague, Director of the Joseph E. Hill Center for Early Childhood Education, presented a three-year strategic plan to improve student outcomes of students at the JEH Center. The plan was also summarized in a memo prepared by Paul Goren, Superintendent, Stacy Beardsley, Assistant Superintendent of […]

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School District 65’s K-3 Literacy Program

At the School Board’s March 4 meeting, Elizabeth Cardenas-Lopez, Director of Literacy at District 65, gave an update on the District’s K-3 Literacy Program. The District has been focusing on enhancing literacy skills in kindergarten through third grades as one key way to address achievement gaps in the District. “We establish a culture of continuous […]

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Cradle to Career Committee Unveils ‘Bold Goal’ for Kindergarten Readiness

Age 3 is not too young to think about kindergarten. Taking a look at Evanston’s youngest residents, Evanston Cradle to Career (EC2C) has adopted a goal that 85% of the youngsters entering school in 2025 will be ready for the challenge of kindergarten.  Kindergarten readiness at District 65 declined again this year, according to information […]

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NEERA Model to Predict Persistence in College Will Be Ready Soon for Eighth and Ninth Grades

At the joint meeting of the District 65 and 202 School Boards on Feb. 25, David Figlio, Dean of the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) at Northwestern University, and Lila Goldstein, Research Data Analyst Lead at SESP, gave the Boards an update on the development of what is now called the Northwestern-Evanston Education […]

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School Board Members Upset With Lack of Progress on Joint Reading Goal

A presentation intended to report how School Districts 65 and 202 will track progress toward meeting their Joint Literacy Goal adopted in January 2014 spawned an emotional discussion about the lack of progress in improving reading proficiency in the last five years. The Joint Literacy Goal is to “ensure that all students are proficient readers […]

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The Future After High School: Helping Students Determine Their Dreams

This article is part of a series of stories on work force development in Evanston. Previous stories centered on the Youth Job Center and the City’s Youth and Young Adult outreach programs. The winds of post-secondary education have shifted from college-only to college-and-career, as, nationwide, educators steer high school students to broaden their perspectives. Adults […]

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Deep Learning: What it Means and Views on How to Foster It in All Students

Cognitive-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, higher-order thinking, and deep learning are viewed by many as more important in education today than ever before. Yet, there are wide disparities in the relative attainment of these skills between racial and socio-economic groups. School District 65’s recent Achievement Report presented to the School Board on Jan. 28, reflects wide […]

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District 65 Implementing a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy to Teach Higher-Order Thinking

At the District 65 School Board’s meeting on Jan. 28, Jamilla Pitts, Coordinator of Social Studies and the African American Curriculum program, and Stacy Beardsley, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, presented a report on the work being done to implement a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in District 65. Their report cited data presented in prior […]