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‘Kit Voice’: Peer Juries at ETHS Are Processes for Healing

Last spring Evanston Township High School took its first steps in a deliberately different journey of conflict resolution. The results are a peer-mediation initiative that the youth participants have named “Kit Voice.” Kit Voice is a peer-jury system available to student offenders as an alternative to the traditional adult-administered punishment model that has been strong […]

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Amidst Test-Score Rancor, Cooperative Efforts at Districts 65 and 202 Show Promise

Despite spending a significant amount of time debating testing issues at their recent joint meeting, the District 65 and 202 school boards managed to review some of the current efforts to increase inter-district cooperation and to ease the transition of students from eighth to ninth grades. The criteria used to place students into honors, mixed […]

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School District 65 Analyzing Racial-Balancing Methods in Light of Supreme Court Decision

On June 28, the United States Supreme Court struck down plans used by school districts in Seattle, Wash., and Louisville, Ky., that took students’ race into account in order to racially balance their schools. Both cases were decided under Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District #1.   The Court’s decision was split 5-4, […]