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For those of us on Team Sunny-Cool-and-Comfortable, it is beautiful out there with absolutely no caveats! The high will be 71, according to the National Weather Service, with northwest winds around 10 miles an hour. And now a brief sports announcement: For those who missed (or would like to relive or did not care but want to be able to pretend in front of others) here are the last three minutes and 46 seconds of last night’s Stanley Cup playoff final game. It offers all that hockey can give: excitement, boredom, drama and the complete joy of victory and agony of defeat. Now, on to more news.

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These Northwestern University students are not on the Evanston campus. In fact, they are in Stateville Correctional Center. But they are in a program that will allow them to be the first cohort in the country of prisoners to earn a bachelor’s degree from a top 10 university. The students, seen above, first earned an associates degree from Oakton Community College, a partner in this program with Northwestern. Please read a Bachelor Behind Bars, the last story from our amazing reporter Adina Keeling, who is trading in her RoundTable reporter’s pass for European travels. (We will miss you!)

Credit: Richard Cahan

The RoundTable takes a closer look at a city decision to close Greenwood Street Beach for the remainder of the 2022 season. Parks and Recreation Director Audrey Thompson explains how and why the beach was targeted for closure. Evanston is experiencing the same severe lifeguard shortage that is going on across the country.

Meet Pat Hughes, Sr. in the lastest episode of the podcast Evanston Rules. Evanston has been Hughes’ home since he moved here in 1955. He practices an attitude of gratitude as he speaks about his large family, whose ties run deep through the community. Listen now, to learn more.

COVID-19 by the numbers: 34 new cases were reported Thursday, June 23, the last day the city updated totals. The seven-day average is 30.6 cases per day.

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The Art of Making Art: Annie Zirin. Zirin weaves yarn into colorful patterns and tapestries in her home studio in Evanston. She uses all-natural materials when weaving in either of her two looms.

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Letter to the editor: As women’s rights erode, you must get out and vote. Evanston human rights advocate Elizabeth Clarke implores readers to vote in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. (With voting in mind, don’t forget to take a look at the RoundTable’s 2022 voter guide for the primaries.)

At This Time. Jane Fulton Alt became a gardener after her husband’s death in 2019. Howard Alt set up a certified wildlife habitat – home to insects, birds and native plants – six years ago around their Orrington Avenue home. (Photo by Richard Cahan)

Credit: Joerg Metzner

Picturing Evanston. Entering Evanston on Sheridan Road at South Boulevard Beach. (Photo by Joerg Metzner)

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Supreme Court ruling unleashes frenzy of activity on both sides. The expanding battle over abortion set off by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is moving to state courts and legislatures, with a Florida judge scheduled on Monday to hear a challenge under state law to a ban taking effect this week and California lawmakers preparing to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to protect reproductive rights.

With Roe v. Wade overturned, Chicagoans share their perspectives on the impact of the historic ruling. WBEZ spoke to residents in the Chicago area about their personal experiences and varied perspectives on abortion.

Chicago’s speed cameras yield more tickets and controversy. Mayor Lori Lightfoot argued that the new 6 mph bar for speeding near schools and parks would make the streets safer in a city where pedestrians, including children. But the change has angered some residents.

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