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ETHS band director Matt Bufis leads a practice session in mid-June on the south grounds of the high school. (Photo by Les Jacobson)

Good morning, Evanston.

Last night, the City Council tabled action on an issue kicking up hot debate in the community – whether now is the time to place restrictions on noise-emitting gas-powered leaf blowers.

The Council plans to resume debate in September after going out to the community to get further feedback.

More news from the Council: At the June 7 Human Services Committee meeting, Council member Devon Reid, 8th Ward, said he thought it was a “missed opportunity that we don’t allow for both food trucks and mobile food vendors to operate on our lakefront.”

“The Council is committed to looking at making the beaches free next summer,” said Ald. Reid, “so we should start looking at how can we bring in revenue and what is viable.”

Council Member Peter Braithwaite, 2nd Ward, who has been on the Council since 2011, was among those open to going in a new direction, so long as Evanston-based businesses would receive priority.

From the McGaw Y to the NBA: Henry Woo Jr. was introduced to basketball at 5 years old, played at the McGaw Y throughout his childhood, and began coaching there when he was in seventh grade. He graduated from ETHS in 2015 and played college basketball at Division III Concordia University Chicago. 

He was introduced to overseas player – and now NBA player – Khem Birch in 2017. Mr. Woo had never thought of being an NBA trainer, but when he was presented with the opportunity, he decided to go for it.

His current job is “surreal,” Mr. Woo says, because just a few years ago, “I was the most regular guy.”

Covid news continues to hold steady, with no new cases reported in Evanston in the last four days, and 165 reported in the state today. Going forward, the RoundTable plans to cover COVID-19 metrics on a more limited basis. Specifically, we will provide charts showing: 1) the trends in the number of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in recent seven-day periods for Evanston, Chicago, suburban Cook County; and 2) the most recent test positivity rates for these areas.

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‘Girls Play Sports’ talks Empowerment and Gender. Research shows that on average young women are more likely than young men to quit their sport of choice before the age of 14. But Evanston Township High School has reversed this trend,  according to recent data. One reason for the strong showing among female athletes at ETHS is the existence of Girls Play Sports, a program designed to build confidence in young female athletes. Since 2015, the percentage of female athletes at ETHS has topped that of male athletes. 

Beacon Academy Tennis Player Advances to State Finals. The Beacon Academy tennis team tied for eighth place in the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) state championship this past weekend at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights. This historical feat came on the shoulders of junior Peter Adams-Agresti, who advanced all the way to the final match, earning second place in the event.

Calling All Early Educators, Kindergarten Teachers and Parents. Childcare Network of Evanston is hosting a virtual program to learn more about equity in education from one of the nation’s leading authorities, Dr. Rosemarie Allen. Dr. Allen has served as a leader in early childhood education for nearly 40 years, and her life’s work is centered on ensuring children have access to high-quality early childhood programs that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. 

Evanston Garden Walk on June 27. On Sunday, June 27, the Evanston Garden Walk will showcase some of the most creative and beautiful gardens Evanston has to offer. Spend an afternoon strolling through seven noteworthy private gardens and a gem of a public garden. 

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  • ETHS Geometry in Construction moves their 7th house, which was built by ETHS students, to 1824 Emerson St. The ETHS math course uses hands-on building to teach geometric concepts to its students.
  • Residents were ordered to evacuate their homes after a chemical fire broke out Monday morning at the Chemtool Inc. plant in Rockton, Illinois. Rockton Fire Chief Kirk Wilson said the city hopes to avoid “an environmental nightmare” that could occur if any of Chemtool’s oil-based lubricants ran off into the Rock River, about 300 meters (330 yards) west.

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