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Good morning, Evanston.

City officials didn’t have a lot of takers in 2017 when they offered an interest-free loan to homeowners for finance replacement of the lead piping that runs from water mains into their homes.

Now, the City hopes to improve that response. At the Feb. 9 City Council meeting, Dave Stoneback, the City’s Public Works Agency Director, unveiled a new loan incentive program for aldermen to consider. The proposed changes include higher loan amounts and longer payoff schedules.

Mr. Stoneback said an ordinance will be introduced at the next City Council meeting.

The pace of vaccinations in Evanston is picking up: This past week, the City distributed 1,100 doses to non-hospital healthcare workers – 600 received their second shot yesterday – as did residents at two congregate care homes on Wednesday. 

Today, the City will vaccinate individuals age 75 and older (650 doses available!). Next week, the City will begin vaccinating individuals age 73 and older.

And the Illinois Department of Public Health announced another 340 new retail pharmacy vaccination sites for Illinois residents. 

For all the latest COVID-19 vaccine information, check the RoundTable’s resource page for vaccination and testing. Here’s the latest bulletin from the City of Evanston.

Covid-19 by the numbers:

  • Twelve new COVID-19 cases were reported yesterday in Evanston, in line with the seven-day average. 
  • In grim news, there were two reported fatalities yesterday. Evanston has lost 110 residents to the pandemic.
  • Our City’s positive test rate is 1.3%; in suburban Cook County it is 5.2% and in Illinois it is 3.3%.
  • Cases per 100,000 over the last seven days is 116 in Evanston, 130 in Suburban Cook County and 143 for Illinois.
  • Illinois has received 260,000 doses in the past week. Two-thirds of all doses  received (out of a total of 2.4 million) have been used, 56,100 in the last seven days.
  • About 347,000 or 2.7% of Illinois residents are fully vaccinated.   

Winter wonderland at Canal Shores

Jane Grover’s colorful orbs are one of many art installations scattered throughout Canal Shores Golf Course. Photo: Jane Grover

The Nature Art Exhibit is an outdoor art experience across 18 holes at Canal Shores Golf Course, Feb. 1-28. The event is hosted by Canal Shores, Downtown Evanston and Evanston Made. On Saturdays, from 3-5 p.m., you can watch art-making demos at the Fire Pit at the Canal Shore Club House just north of Lincoln Ave.

Rising lake levels: The Southeast Evanston Association welcomes Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Cameron Davis for a talk on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. on the state of the lakefront and rising water levels in Lake Michigan. More information and registration information is available for the virtual event here.

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Should I Grow Fur?

Dear Gabby, 

Every time my wife yells at me during quarantine (which is hourly) I develop Covid symptoms. What to do?? There aren’t enough Covid tests to keep up … s he’s nicer to our new dog than to me and our son, how can I change this???

Young Voices of Evanston

As part of a unit on writing Opinion pieces, Kingsley fifth-graders wrote reviews on a topic of their choice related to 2020. Here are some of the reviews, by students who chose to submit their work.

The Traffic Guy hears …

… that it may not be golf season, but things are happening at Canal Shores. People are creating art along the golf course, thanks to an initiative by the golf course association, Evanston Made, and Downtown Evanston. Artists of all ages and talents are invited to participate. What, no supplies? There’s always snow.

Weather Update: Daily Snow Likely Through Feb. 16

We have a high chance for snow every day through next Tuesday. Temperatures will be very cold, especially on Sunday.

COVID-19 Update on Feb. 11: Seventeen New Cases in Evanston, 2,838 in the State

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced the first case in Illinois of the COVID-19 variant B.1.351, which was first identified in South Africa.

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