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At their June 14 meeting, City Council members voted 7-2  against a proposal from Council member Devon Reid, 8th Ward, that would have required larger retailers or franchises located in the City to pay essential workers an additional $250 per month on top of their base pay for work performed during Illinois’ Coronavirus response.

Some Council members said they needed more information to support the legislation, but Council member Clare Kelly, 1st Ward, joined Mr. Reid in voting in favor.

Reverend Dr. Michael C. R. Nabors, senior pastor of Second Baptist Church, left; and Reverend Michael Woolf, senior minister at Lake Street Church (Submitted photos)

Two local churches will lead a discussion on reparations from the perspectives of Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity on June 20. The conversation represents efforts by both churches to continue their covenant to combat racism and confront the truth about their own past histories.

Michael Woolf, Senior Minister at Lake Street Church, and Dr. Michael Nabors, Senior Pastor at Second Baptist Church, have invited Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein, National Educator with Avodah, and Duncan Ryuken Williams, Professor and Director, USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture, to join them in a panel discussion about reparations from a faith-based perspective.

The Garage Collective offers local performers an archive of the music as well as a space to perform. (Photo by Jojo Wertheimer)

The Garage Collective is a place where bands from Evanston and the surrounding areas can play and receive an audio and video recording of their work. The garage belongs to the family of 2021 ETHS graduate Jacob Frischer, who began the Garage Collective as a “quarantine project” last spring. Jacob and his brother wanted to turn the garage into a safe space to hang out during the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Update on June 17: No New Cases in Evanston in the Last Seven Days, 248 in the State Today. Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced today a new $10 million “All In for the Win” promotion that will reward vaccinated Illinoisans by automatically entering them into a series of cash and scholarship lotteries with prizes up to $1 million.

I Was a Great Parent…Before I Had Children. Dear Gabby, While I (thought I) brought my children up to be grateful for all their good fortune, I’m finding that they often act like whiny millennials, claiming unfair treatment, bad bosses, “exhaustion,” long work hours, undue demands on their time, and generally being put-upon at work. What I want to say is: buck up, buddy! Be grateful you even have a job! You are in an entry level position, and when your boss says jump, you say how high! Quitcher bitchin’ and Do. Your. Job! It’s so galling!

All District 65 Parents Receive the Ganser Award. The Phyllis Ganser Outstanding PTA Volunteer of the Year Award was created to honor Phyllis Ganser, who passed away in 2000 following a two-year battle with breast cancer. Among the many changes that the COVID-19 pandemic wrought, the committee decided not to present an award in 2020, and this year honored all District 65 parents for their efforts during the pandemic.

JRC Celebrates Community at Weekly Lakefront Shabbat. As COVID-19 restrictions lift, the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation will worship and socialize together in-person with outdoor lakefront Shabbat services in Evanston throughout the summer. The congregation welcomes all to join them.

Metra Announces Updated Pilot Schedule for Union Pacific North Line. After receiving feedback from the community, Metra has announced an updated pilot schedule for the Union Pacific North Line serving Evanston, which will begin on Monday, July 12. The updated schedule includes additional stops at Main Street and Central Street stations during rush hour for reverse commuters – those who commute to the north suburbs rather than downtown Chicago.

July 4th ‘Click It or Ticket’ Traffic Enforcement Campaign. Starting June 17 through July 6, the Evanston Police Department is increasing traffic enforcement to remind motorists to “Click It or Ticket.” “We want the act of buckling up to become automatic to all drivers and passengers,” said Traffic Sergeant T. Williams. “Click It or Ticket isn’t about citations – it’s about saving lives.”

Reader: Increased Parking Fees Discourages Patrons and Visitors. Yesterday my husband and I decided to eat at Cross Rhodes for the first time since the March 2020 lockdown. We parked at meter 175 on Chicago Avenue. It would take only 70 cents for 20 minutes even though the signs on the meter said $1.50 for one hour and it had a 2-hour time limit (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and a four-hour time limit from 5 to 9). I called 311.

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