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Outdoor dining at the “Custer Oasis” in summer 2021. (Photo by Ned Schaub)

Good Monday morning, Evanston.

The pandemic’s peaks and valleys have forced local dining spots to continuously innovate. Evanston restaurant owners are exhausted by challenges with menus, staffing, supply chain issues and the city’s vaccination card mandate.

“The best way I can describe all of this is whiplash. We’re feeling good, and going to open, and then, no we’re not,” said Annie Coakley, Executive Director of Downtown Evanston. But there is hope ahead.

A volunteer cleans the Baker Park ice rink. (Photo by Wendi Kromash)

During the winter when temperatures dip to 32℉ or lower, skaters in southeast Evanston enjoy an outdoor ice rink in Baker Park. But this year, someone damaged the rink before the city had finished building it. The city deemed the rink unsafe and closed it.

However, a group of anonymous helpers have salvaged the Baker Park ice rink, allowing skaters to use it.

(Photo by Joerg Metzner) Credit: Joerg Metzner

Picturing Evanston. The debris field of makeshift and broken sleds covering Mount Trashmore in James Park, south of Oakton Street. Officially, sledding down the 65-foot central hill is forbidden.

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Dear Gabby: Is secretly serving chicken broth to vegetarians OK? I’m in a pinch: Time is short before my guests arrive and I’m out of vegetable bullion.

Table items and housewares. (Andryea Natkin photo)

The Art of Making Art: Andryea Natkin. Sgraffito is the art of applying layers of plaster, paint or glaze to a surface and then scratching to show the colors of the surface underneath. Andryea Natkin uses the sgraffito technique when creating functional art out of clay and ceramics.

(Photo by Richard Cahan)

At this time: 6:04 p.m. Saturday. The far side of the moon? A mountain range in the next Olympics? Nope, guess again.

Winners, from left: Maddy Varela, Alfredo Torres and Dylan Bonn.

ETHS announces winners in Bridge Building Contest. Students constructed small straw bridges that were weighed, tested and scored for efficiency. This year’s winner was Maddy Varela with a bridge that held 5.0 kilograms.

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