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Good Monday morning, Evanston. Welcome to a new week and a new year!

This week, the RoundTable is launching a new video series that will put a spotlight on people and organizations in our community worth getting to know.

“People You Should Know” is a joint project of the RoundTable, the Evanston Chamber of Commerce and Byline Bank. Each episode will feature a discussion or interview led by someone in our community with a special interest in the topic.

The kickoff episode features the Brady Scholars Program in Ethics and Civic Life at Northwestern University. The program is designed for Northwestern students looking for a deeper understanding of ethical, social and political questions, who want to broaden their understanding of society by spending time in another country and who are eager to learn about and contribute to their local civic community. The conversation is led by former Evanston Mayor Steve Hagerty.

Weekend in Photos: In tomorrow’s newsletter, we will share a roundup of photos taken over the weekend. What were you up to this weekend? Please send us your photos at news@evanstonroundtable.com!

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(Photo by Richard Cahan)

At This Time: 9:38 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 2. Kings of the Hill. Andy Botinis and his four-year-old son Aris head home after sledding at Leahy Park on Lincoln Street near Ridge Avenue. They were the first this year to test out the sledding hill. “We love winter. We love snow,” said Andy.

Maturity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Dear Gabby, My coworker gave everyone in our office holiday gifts except me. I get along well with and have no major issues with this person. I was never expecting a gift from her, but now I feel left out.

Kits tap into potential with runnerup finish at Centralia. Every year former Evanston basketball coach Herb Williams, a legendary figure in this southern Illinois community, gives a talk to the Wildkits during the Centralia Holiday Tournament. Williams’ locker room speech this year addressed the issue of potential – and how the current Kits could best live up to their own expectations.

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