Welcome to 2023, Evanston!

Happy, happy new year to you and yours. The RoundTable hopes that 2023 brings health, happiness and kindness into all our lives this year.

In this abridged holiday newsletter – we will be back in regular form on Jan. 3 – we first say, thank you. To you who supported the RoundTable with your membership, your donations and your readership in 2022, we are grateful. We cannot do this without you. And as we review the year, gratitude to our readers comes first.

But RoundTable fans, we have some other reviews for you to chew on. First, we look ahead to give you one council member’s review of the City Council’s challenges in 2023. (Yes, those are the nine city ward representatives at the top of the newsletter, without Mayor Daniel Biss, who is member # 10. But without our vacationing graphic designer, this editor could do only a nine-square grid.)

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Next is a look back at the 10 best-read stories of 2022. Interesting but not totally surprising fact: Evanstonians care deeply about voting and movie theaters.

We also have a quick review of the final ward meeting of the year, where residents shared concerns about Fifth Ward communications.

Plus, we also have reviews that involve going to a show.

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The first from Doris Popovich who caught the new Whitney Houston biopic at the AMC Evanston 12 theater – the one you love.

Credit: Richard Cahan

And the second from Wendi Kromash, who gives you a look at Vic & Paul & Dana’s Post-Pandemic Revue at Studio5.

Credit: Northwestern University

Mike Kelly gives us his review of Northwestern University’s proposed new Ryan Field stadium in this Letter to the Editor, discussing what he thinks will be the impact on the city and calling for NU to abolish its property tax exempt status and compensate Evanston for the city services the university receives.

Credit: Michael Kellams/thatphotodad.com

And finally Dennis Mahoney reviews the four-game performance of the ETHS boys basketball team at this year’s Centralia Holiday Tournament.

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