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Empty nurses’ station in Albany Care. (Photo provided)

Good Monday morning, Evanston.

The Evanston Police Department received 113 nonemergency and 911 calls over a recent 10-week period from Albany Care, an Evanston mental health facility that treats individuals with mental illnesses.

Most of the calls regarded missing persons, battery and theft, reflecting concerns voiced by neighbors of the facility, located at 901 Maple Ave.

Albany Care’s website promises “an environment conducive to recovery.” However, individuals living at Albany Care complain of a culture of neglect, disorganization and unprofessionalism. They say the facility is understaffed and doesn’t provide sufficient care to all its residents.

Oliver was a passionate Fire Explorer through the Evanston Fire Department

Oliver Brown Leopold. Oliver Brown Leopold passed away on Dec. 9 of an apparent suicide. He was an extraordinary person who accomplished more than seems possible in his 19 years.

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Not one more holiday letter, please! Dear Gabby, If I get one more “my-children-are-wonderful, my-spouse-just-got-promoted, we-traveled-to-Montenegro, aren’t-these-hard-times-hard?” holiday letters, I am going to scream.

(Photo by Richard Cahan)

At This Time: 3:33 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 11. The guys from tree land: Jose Sanchez (from left, in photo above), Graham Christensen and Derrick Lee at Poor Bob’s Christmas tree lot on Dempster near Hartrey. Christensen and Lee sleep in the camper from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Sanchez lives in Evanston.

Jonathan Baum: Please keep SROs at ETHS. District 202 Board members, those of you who served with me, may recall that a particular focus of my work was inequities in student discipline.

Firefighter remembrance ceremony on Dec. 13. The Evanston Fire Department will hold a remembrance ceremony for William Craig and George Stiles. Both firefighters died in the historic Clayton Mark Foundry fire in 1905 when a wall collapsed. The ceremony will be held at 7:45 a.m. at the Valli parking lot, the site of the tragedy.

Kwanzaa Festival and Storytelling events set. This year’s City of Evanston Kwanzaa Celebration will be held at the Robert Crown Community Center on Dec. 26 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Weekend in Photos: In tomorrow’s newsletter, we will share a roundup of photos taken over the weekend. What were you up to this weekend? Please send us your photos at news@evanstonroundtable.com!

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Independent Journalism Is at Risk. Here’s How to Save It. At a ceremony in Oslo on Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded not to a politician, diplomat or campaigner, but to two journalists.

How to donate to the families of two teenagers hospitalized after Evanston shooting. Two teenagers remain hospitalized after a Nov. 28 shooting at an Evanston gas station. 

In the United States, 25% of newspapers have ceased operation, and 2,000 community newspapers have closed in the past 15 years. The vacuum created when local journalism declines poses a serious threat to democracy. Our democracy relies on a free press to educate the public.

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