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Angel Schnur, left, with City Council Members Eleanor Revelle, center, and Clare Kelly. (Photo by Duncan Agnew)

Good Friday morning, Evanston.

During a Wednesday night meeting at the Civic Center, the Planning and Development Housing Subcommittee held an at times contentious debate about using either a rental registration or a rental licensing system for Evanston landlords.

The city currently requires landlords to register their rental properties with the Evanston Housing Authority, providing basic details such as name, address and contact information. If a landlord fails to register a rental house or apartment, they have a grace period to do so before the city can issue a fine for the violation. 

“It doesn’t protect the tenants when their names are not on the lease, it doesn’t protect the tenants when they’re living in squalor and it doesn’t protect the tenants when I’ve taken a landlord to court six, seven, eight times and they just pay the fine,” said Angel Schnur, a Senior Property Maintenance Inspector for the city.

Workers use leaf blowers on a grassy area in Evanston. (Photo by Bob Seidenberg)

Evanston City Council members’ approval of a new leaf-blower ordinance has started the clock running for the eventual phase out of gas-powered leaf blowers. 

The groundbreaking ordinance amends the time and days when leaf blowers may be used, sets a new fine structure, establishes penalties and calls for a transition from the use of gas-powered to electric leaf blowers effective April 1, 2023. 

Annual ETHS Achievement Report becomes Year in Review, with changes to data included. Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment Carrie Levy introduced a new annual report model to the District 202 School Board Monday night, including changes to the basic sections of the report and the core data included in the document. 

Among the most significant new information available, the school is now reporting that 83% of graduates enroll in a post-secondary institution within two years of completing high school. Fifty-nine percent of ETHS graduates finish a post-secondary degree within six years, which also includes students who complete an associates degree within four years.

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Evanston War Memorial in Patriots Park, Sheridan Road and Greenwood Street. Helen Burnett Wood’s name is inscribed at the base of the memorial. (Photo by Jenny Thompson)

Evanston WWI veteran Helen Burnett Wood is honored in America and Scotland. Wood, who lived in Evanston from 1909 to 1917, was one of the first casualties from an American unit during World War I.

The flag, soaking wet, clings at half mast in Evanston’s Fountain Square on Veterans Day, where the ceremony was canceled due to inclement weather. Credit: Kristin Brown

Honoring Evanston’s veterans, despite the rain. Despite the morning rain and the city officially cancelling its Veterans Day ceremony at Fountain Square due to inclement weather, a few hardy souls gathered to commemorate the occasion.

COVID-19 update as of November 10: 21 new cases in Evanston, 5,049 in the state. Evanston/Skokie School District 65 is partnering with the City of Evanston Health and Human Services Department to host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for kids tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 13 (first dose) and Saturday, December 4 (second dose).

Nancy E. Anderson: What am I thankful for? My physical therapist. Our columnist reflects on her yearlong recovery from a brutal leg injury.

Sober Holiday virtual support sessions. Amita Health’s Behavioral Medicine Institute will host Sober Holiday virtual support sessions for anyone struggling with addiction.

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New lives for old buildings: Evanston organizations repurpose empty school buildings. Over the years, Evanston community organizations have often turned empty schools into gathering places for their groups.

Local business owner Dexin Tan explores Asian fusion at Little Wok. Tan opened the restaurant in 2008 near the North Shore Channel Trail in southwest Evanston.

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