Evanston RoundTable
The last day of school this week for seniors at ETHS. Credit: Richard Cahan

“I’m from the Evanston RoundTable and I’d like to take your picture. That’s what I tell people. It usually works.”

That’s RoundTable photographer Richard Cahan, explaining how he convinces Evanstonians to pause long enough to be featured in At This Time, his unique daily photo essay on the life of our community.

We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made expanding and enhancing the content of the RoundTable over the past two years – especially our photography.

With our Spring Membership Drive in full swing, we thought you’d like to know more about two of the photographers who have been bringing you some of the RoundTable’s best images.

As a nonprofit newsroom, the RoundTable depends on the community’s support to bring you the great work of contributors such as Richard and Joerg. If you have not yet become a member of the RoundTable, won’t you join us today?

Richard Cahan

Richard is a former photo editor at the Chicago Sun-Times and the author or co-author of more than 20 books, including two books on street photographer Vivian Maier. He’s also the publisher of CityFiles Press, a “small but mighty” media company that believes in the power of words and pictures.

“I think these little photo-word stories help us better understand the people we live with, and I hope the photos I take help us connect. 

“The key to my work is that readers give me a sense that it’s my job to help explain where we live and who we live with.”

Joerg Metzner

Joerg Metzner is a professional photographer and an immigrant from Germany. 

“I enjoy exploring my chosen hometown, where I’ve lived since 1983,” Joerg says. “My curiosity about what makes Evanston such a unique and special place to live led me to launch Picturing Evanston in 2018. It’s a photo project that documents the city’s people and natural and built environments. It’s my way of celebrating my community. Since January of this year, I’ve been sharing these photos in my regular photo column here at the RoundTable.”

Nichols Middle School. Credit: Joerg Metzner Credit: Joerg Metzner

“My favorite way to explore Evanston is on my bicycle,” he adds. “I roam the streets and let the city reveal itself to my camera’s lens. I’m constantly surprised to find new details, views and perspectives in places I’ve visited a hundred times. I love witnessing the changing landscape and architecture and finding the traces left by its inhabitants past and present. I’ve found surprising beauty in unexpected corners ranging from colorful public art and carefully tended gardens, and I’ve encountered sometimes troubling scenes, such as police tape at a crime scene and too many empty storefronts.”

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