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Mental health advocates are calling on the City Council to increase the federal relief dollars that they said are currently allocated for mental health.

The pandemic exacerbated mental health struggles, said Christine Somervill, a member of the city’s Mental Health Task Force, at a Nov. 1 council meeting. “Mental health services are [in] extremely high demand right now,” she said.

Members of the task force pushed to have more ARPA money dedicated to mental health services. They asked the council to reconsider city staff’s recommendation to allocate $4 million in American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds for social services, out of the $43 million in ARPA funds anticipated to be coming to the city.

Evanston’s Reparations Committee meets Nov. 4 (Photo by Debbie-Marie Brown)

Applications for Restorative Housing grants poured in last week in anticipation of the Nov. 5 deadline, said Deputy City Manager Kimberly Richardson. These grants represent the first program of the City of Evanston’s so-called reparations commitment.

As of November 2, there were 398 applicants, and by November 3 there were 476, Richardson told the City Council’s Reparations Committee on Thursday, November 5. She anticipates more than 500 applications for the Restorative Housing grants.

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COVID by the numbers: Five new cases were reported in Evanston today. The seven-day average is six.

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Nearly 50 first responders, firefighters, nurses and frontline workers enjoy a lunch buffet Saturday, November 6, in appreciation of their service. (Photo by Heidi Randhava)

Dayenu Ministries lunch for first responders, health workers ‘means the world to us.’ With our national holiday of gratitude, Thanksgiving, just weeks away, Dayenu Ministries hosted an appreciation luncheon Saturday, November 6 at the Evanston Ecology Center for firefighters, police officers, nurses and other health care workers.

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