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Good Monday morning, Evanston.

The sun is brightening up this beautiful morning. But the National Weather Service is warning that it’s possible the afternoon could bring what poet Jean Toomer described as: “Thunder blossom gorgeously above our heads,
Great, hollow, bell-like flowers, Rumbling in the wind

Yes, rain is likely but in a biblical burst with a prediction of “possible” tornados, 75-mile-an-hour winds and hail. So, please be safe, be careful and while we will hope for the best, be prepared for the possible. Now, on to the neighborhood news:

Last night the front sidewalk of the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center was filled with dozens of candles and rose petals as members of Evanston Pride hosted a vigil remembering LGBTQ+ people who have died. The vigil was dedicated to transgender individuals who were victims of violence, especially transgender women of color. At least 15 transgender people have been lost in the U.S. so far this year.

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At This Time. It’s a summer ritual for many: Parents saying goodbye to their children as they head off to Camp Echo from the McGaw YMCA. Their kids will be gone at the overnight camp for one week. “It’s a hard time for first-time parents,” said Kristin Brown, who coordinated the sendoff of 190 children. It’s the first of six sessions at the YMCA camp in Fremont, Michigan, about a four-hour bus ride away.

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This Evanston Rules episode features the Crawfords. Sydney, Ron, Suzy, Jen and Ronny are an iconic family who were able to bridge lots of cultural backgrounds and stitch the patterns together. They brought people together in magical, organic ways that spanned generations, race, ethnicity, gender and class. The Crawfords have been such an integral part of people’s Evanston experiences, that people still don’t realize that they no longer reside at 1423 Elmwood Ave. 

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Call me a coward. Dear Gabby, I live in a relatively small town. How do I tactfully get rid of my hair stylist when she also cuts my boyfriend’s hair?

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Local Evanston authors and the mysterious room. It’s not a particularly large space. You’d hardly even know it was there unless you were searching for it. Across from file cabinets full of Evanston-related news clippings is the Evanstonia Room. Here, folks can research all kinds of things from Evanston’s past.

Lizanne Wilson

Guest Essay: Could they be wrong? Lizanne Wilson writes, “When news of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, came to light, I repeated the same thought process I do when I’ve heard similar news: I thought of the children and then my thoughts turned to the many other victims through the years: parents, teachers, administrators and staff. Then I thought about my kids.”

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Picturing Evanston. “Who’s up for a couple sets?” The tennis courts in James Park on Oakton Street welcome anyone and everyone.

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As Evanston braces for its first ward redistricting in nearly two decades, residents say changing demographics speak to a lack of affordable housing. Growing up in Evanston’s Second Ward, Darlene Cannon lived in a mostly Black neighborhood. Since she was born in Evanston more than five decades ago, she has lived within the same four-block radius.

The biggest events on campus and in Evanston during the class of 2022’s time at Northwestern. Sept. 30, 2018 – With new freshman class, Northwestern reaches admissions goal of 20 percent low-income students. Jan. 28, 2019 – Northwestern cancels classes due to polar vortex.

Chicago First Alert Weather: Extreme heat could bring severe storms. Sunday evening will be cooler than normal since a cold front moved through and opened cool winds off the lake. That front will lift northward Monday as a warm front and open the door for extreme heat. 

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