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Family members gather around a painting of Mr. B that will hang inside Orrington School. (Photo by Adina Keeling)

Good morning, Evanston.

Despite rising temperatures and the growing spirit of summer, the Orrington School community collectively mourns the loss of Michelet Boursiquot, known to most as Mr. B, who passed away last July. While his absence weighs heavily on the community, his memory is alive in the colorful “kindness rocks” that decorate the school gardens, in the stories that families tell, in the bricks dedicated to Mr. B, and in the hearts of every life he touched. 

For more than 35 years, Mr. B taught the community patience, kindness, lightheartedness, inclusivity, and love. He worked as the Orrington School’s head custodian, but he is remembered as the heart and soul of the school and the surrounding neighborhood. 

This house in the 1400 block of Brown Avenue was burned by what police believe was an intentional explosion on June 8. (RoundTable photo)

An early morning fire apparently caused by an explosion – that may have been intentional – is reportedly under investigation by the Evanston Police Department and the State Fire Marshal. The explosion occurred just before midnight on June 9 in the 1400 block of Brown Avenue, just a few blocks from Evanston Township High School. Five people were rescued from the home, three of whom were treated for minor injuries.

“The initial investigation revealed that an unknown subject broke one of the first floor windows and then threw an unknown explosive device inside the residence. The device detonated, causing significant damage to the house, including breaking some or all of the first floor windows,” according to a statement from the Evanston Police Department.

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COVID-19 Update on June 9: ­­­­­­­­­­­­One New Case in Evanston, 408 in the State. The number of people in the State who are being vaccinated continues to grow, but at a much slower pace than in April. Almost 38% of Illinois residents over 16 have not received a vaccination. As the State moves to Phase 5 on Friday, vaccinations will be important to control the spread.

Readers: ‘Dear Chief Demitrous Cook’. Chief Cook, you served as Evanston’s Police Chief since January of 2019 and have dedicated more than 30 years of your law enforcement career to serving the residents of Evanston, including through positions with the Evanston Police Department and Northwestern University Police Department. Public safety requires building a strong partnership. As a Neighborhood Aid or doing Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out, I felt a positive relationship between the community and police officers.

Michael Matek’s Chess Problem. This position comes from the 1999 Geller Memorial Tournament in Moscow. Black has sacrificed a rook on f7 to arrive at this position. Black has the move. What should Black play now?

Peggy Tarr: Remembering the Fatherly. I have fond memories of men in my life who were fatherly toward me. These were men who acted as fathers to children/teenagers in the neighborhood whether or not these young people had fathers. They took seriously their role to protect young people and guide and inspire them to “get a good education” and become good citizens. These fatherly men would occasionally show young people that they could jump rope or play hopscotch.

Les Jacobson: Towards a Better Nation. In his inaugural address, President John F. Kennedy famously told Americans, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” They have been called “the 17 most inspiring words in 20th century American history.” Anyone old enough to vote (and many who weren’t) in 1961 can still remember the cadence of the president’s delivery, the familiar Boston accent, the insanely naive hope that America could benefit from the loving care of its citizens.

A Musical Round of Vaccines. There is a sly contagion in “Vaccination Round,” an a cappella card of thanks to Anthony Fauci from singer-songwriter Kristin Lems and friends. The five-part round features Ms. Lems (“Astra Zeneca”), Carol Liner (“J. and J.”), Tom Cortese (“Moderna”), Tery Veras (“Pfizer”) and Lauran Miller (“Sputnik”) each singing the name of a Vaccine.

Wildkits oust Loyola in Soccer Sectional Semifinal. How physical was the matchup between the Evanston and Loyola Academy girls soccer teams in the Class 3A soccer sectional tournament semifinal Tuesday at Lazier Field? So physical that a tackle – by the Loyola goalie – led to the only score of the hard-fought contest.

City to Host Annual “Evanston Recycles” Event on July 10. The City of Evanston will host its annual “Evanston Recycles” event on Saturday, July 10, from 9 a.m. to noon, at Evanston Township High School, 1600 Dodge Ave.

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