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Evanston’s new reparations fund has received 146 applications and $26,230 in donations, according to Deputy City Manager Kimberly Richardson. 

Richardson released the figures last week at a City Council Reparations Committee meeting, which provided an update on funding and applicants for the program.

Richardson also told the committee that 29 out of 107 applicants were considered “ancestors,” or Black residents who lived in the city between 1919 and 1969 (the figures were current as of Sept. 30). This subgroup of individuals, so far, is most interested in home improvement and mortgage assistance.

Collector Michael Horvich
Despite collector Michael Horvich bequeathing thousands of artifacts to Chicago Children’s Museum in 2007, he’s turning his condo apartment into a personal museum with many thousands more small treasures. (Photo by Judy Chiss)

Dan Toomey, Michael Horvich and Barbara Myers are veteran collectors. One-of-a-kind artifacts, ubiquitous and often discarded items, small oddities, family mementoes and handcrafted objects are the treasures and lifeblood of these Evanston collectors whose creative pleasures also include organizing, displaying and living with their collections.

Read about the stories of these three Evanston collectors, with their eclectic, whimsical, artistic sensibilities.

COVID by the numbers: Fifteen new cases were reported yesterday in Evanston. The seven-day average is nine.

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Dear Gabby: Who am I to say? I have a friend who insists on taking her dog everywhere. Let me start by saying that I am a dog person; I have a dog I love, but I leave her home sometimes. She’s a dog. My friend says that her dog has separation anxiety and must be with her at all times.

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