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Good morning, Evanston.

The weekly number of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 in Evanston, suburban Cook County, Chicago, and the State are continuing to decline, and they are each below the Illinois Department of Public Health’s benchmark of 50. The low test positivity rate in each region shows that testing is adequate. The data show that all four regions are controlling the spread of the virus.

While the number of people in the State who are being vaccinated continues to grow, the pace has significantly slowed despite the increased availability of the vaccines.

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Hovland Court Block Party (Photo by Sarah Parisien) Credit: Sarah Parisien

Hovland Court Block Party Rejuvenates Neighborhood Spirit. Over the sound of speakers playing Candy by the band Cameo, community members and friends gathered on June 5 for a block party at Hovland Court full of jubilant music, laughter, and joy. In the wake of the violence that took place on that street in March, resulting in the deaths of two young people, members of the Hovland Court Block Club organized the event as a reminder of unity, safety, and positivity.

Jose Sanchez, Jose Agular Sanchez, Jesus Licea, Leonardo Sanchez, and Ben Klitzkie (Submitted photo)

Green Day at the Post Office. A friend called a friend who called a friend, and a crew from Nature’s Perspective Landscaping showed up to do some yard work at the Davis Street Post Office.

File photo from Justin Wynn Leadership Academy

Justin Wynn Leadership Academy Excited to Host Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament After Tough Year. The Justin Wynn Leadership Academy’s three-on-three basketball tournament is back after a one-year hiatus. JWLA has an annual three-on-three basketball tournament where numerous elementary and middle school players participate. The tournament did not take place last year because of the pandemic.

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