Evanston RoundTable

Dear reader,

The RoundTable’s Spring Membership Drive is nearly over- and we’re so close to our goal!

During this campaign, we’re trying to sign up 300 new members – Evanstonians who are willing to help support local journalism. And the community has really stepped up. We’re 86 percent of the way to our goal! We need only 70 more supporters of local journalism to get there. Will you be one of them?

What happens when communities lose their local news organizations?

The evidence is clear. Participation in local elections falls and elections are less competitive. Corruption goes unchecked and the cost of government rises. Disinformation becomes the norm as people get their news from social media.

Local newspapers are the connective tissue of communities. They introduce people to their neighbors and provide a trusted, balanced forum for debate and discussion. And they throw light on problems that need to be addressed.

Show your support for local journalism and the Evanston Roundtable today!