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Dec. 15 is new deadline for Reparation applications to be approved; grants to come in 2022

It’s taken decades for Evanston to commit to paying reparations to Black residents over historic racial discrimination, and it might take a few more months for housing grant recipients to get their funds. As previously reported by the RoundTable, the city’s Local Reparations Restorative Housing Program is the first initiative in the city’s $10 million […]

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Funds for The Aux on hold: Economic Development Committee tables request for $1 million in federal money for Black business hub

First in will not necessarily be first out, with the City’s Economic Development Committee opting Dec. 1 to hold off on recommending $1 million in federal COVID-19 recovery funds until it has a better grasp of the whole picture. Members of the city’s EDC were weighing a request from The Growing Season. The nonprofit organization […]

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After lifeguards complained of abuse, Evanston official called it ‘doubtful’ anyone would apologize

Content warning: This story includes accounts of sexual harassment, assault and rape.  Emails newly obtained by the Evanston RoundTable show why the city’s female lifeguards grew so frustrated with the official response to their allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. In one email, a city official told complaining lifeguards that action on their demands would […]

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COVID-19 Update as of December 2: 27 new cases in Evanston, 11,524 in the state

Today, December 2, President Joe Biden announced a nine-point plan to continue to fight the COVID-19 virus “without shutting down our schools and businesses.” The plan was prepared after the World Health Organization (WHO) named the Omicron variant as a “Variant of Concern” last week. The plan includes: “Boosters for all adults “Vaccinations to protect […]

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5th Ward meeting focuses on Green Bay Road shooting, and how to move forward

On Tuesday, November 30, community members, civic leaders and police and fire officials convened at a virtual Fifth Ward meeting where the conversation included an update on the victims in the November 28 shooting, how first responders triaged the crime scene that night and the role family and neighborhoods play in addressing the violence. After […]

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Rev. Nabors: Community must provide ‘alternate routes, not dead ends’

Gathering on the corner where gunshots took the life of one teenager and wounded four others, community leaders on December 1 denounced the gun violence and pledged to redouble efforts on programs to lead youth in positive directions. The ceremony was at times solemn, at times fiery. Evanston police received numerous 911 calls at approximately […]

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‘Ice Cream Cats’ rescued from house fire await new homes, but 5 euthanized at Chicago shelter

The Evanston Animal Shelter hopes someone will scoop up Black Walnut, Nutty Coconut and Cotton Candy. And those three “Ice Cream Cats” have plenty of company: Dozens were rescued at the scene of an August house fire. Volunteer Kristi Bachmann and Feline Director Nancy Maize had to wear hazmat suits, sometimes standing in water up […]

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Charting a course to greater access

Parks versus operations buildings (like the water plant)?Community centers versus municipal buildings?Police and Fire buildings versus libraries? Jesus Lardizabal, a consultant with Altura Solutions, reviewed some of the choices with Evanston resident Amanda Zrust, preparing to take a survey on which city facilities need the greatest upgrades for accessibility. Zrust, 35, who uses a metal […]