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  1. Brian Brady,
    Thank you for stating the facts perfectly IMHO.
    You’re Alot more polite than I would have been.

  2. Mr Springer appeared to have great sense of humor. My hope and prayers would be that him family would send him to his heavenly home with great love for all whose lives he touched.

  3. I’m sorry for Jerry’s family, but I am amazed at the whitewashing of Springer’s career legacy in obituaries I’ve read using euphemisms like “raucous” and “tabloid” for his show. His show was predatory garbage TV. And the show did damage to our democracy and our culture by celebrating violent and demeaning behavior – often in ways that stereotyped and demeaned Black and Brown communities. Mr. Springer grew wealthy and famous by exploiting bad behavior and stereotypes, and the coarsening of our civic discourse today has roots in his awful show that made him a wealthy man. I don’t celebrate anyone’s death but I also don’t think it is helpful to ignore the damage of a person’s legacy when they pass.