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ETHS student’s Cookies for Compost offers sweet reward to aid the environment

Maia Roothaan, a senior at ETHS, isn’t waiting for the results of high-level negotiations of world leaders in Glasgow at COP26 to deal with the planet’s worsening climate change. This past summer, as a student at the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, she applied for a grant […]

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Like Golf? Like Trees? Like Birds? Head to Canal Shores, Evanston’s Community Golf Course

Canal Shores is not just for golf. It is 82 acres of green space, only about half of which is allocated to golf. The rest is occupied by habitats attractive to migrating birds.   On April 17, Canal Shores and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, which is responsible for controlling our floodwaters and cleaning our sewage, are […]

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2020: The Year of the Beavers

Beavers live at the interface of land and water where there is sufficient woody vegetation for their homes, lifestyle and food. The North American beaver, Castor canadensis, is the second-largest rodent in the world (the largest is the capybara, native to South America). Beavers can be at loggerheads with humans, despite their benefit of creating wetland habitats that support a […]

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Spotted Sandpipers

The Spotted Sandpiper is not your ordinary bird.  We were fortunate to have a pair nest at Clark St Beach Bird Sanctuary (CSBBS) this summer. Though seen often, the birds’ nesting behavior is unlike the Piping Plovers that nested in plain view at Montrose. Spotted Sandpipers keep their nests to themselves. Spotted sandpiper breeding territory […]