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The National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) has been developing a new program since COVID-19 first started causing students to head home last spring. In May, NIHF officials met with a group of educators from across the country to gain insight into what might be needed this fall, and what resulted from those conversations and many more hours of research is its new Invention Project® K-6  program. “School districts looking for engaging and hybrid solutions can turn to this product for immersive and inspiring invention education curriculum, whether their students are learning in school, at home or in a blended environment,” said NIHF in prepared statement. 

“This cross-cutting curriculum complements existing classroom lesson plans and provides effective hands-on learning experiences for in-school, at-home and blended settings. Aligned to state, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, Invention Project K-6 supports social-emotional learning (SEL) and sparks imaginations through open-ended exploration of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) concepts. 

“Advantages for school districts and teachers include:

  • Flexible curriculum. Able to adapt to different grade levels, the program features 10 units with a total of 30 sessions spanning more than 22 hours; includes pre- and post-assessments; and adapts to blended learning scenarios for at-home learning, with or without internet access.

    Turnkey implementation. The program includes a step-by-step curriculum guide, rubric and comprehensive instructor guide; materials for hands-on and collaborative learning; recommended book list for extended learning; and dedicated NIHF support.
  • Innovative experiences. The program emphasizes creative problem solving through real-world challenges, provides hands-on engagement in STEAM for deeper conceptual understanding, and supports college and career readiness.

    SEL. The program builds competency in decision making, self management and social awareness; enhances empathy and relationship skills; and provides opportunities to practice speaking and listening skills.
  • Invention Project K-6 equips educators to help their students unlock their full potential, discover the power of their creativity and overcome challenges in any area of life. In the unprecedented times we’re all experiencing, these lessons are even more valuable,” says NIHF.


“As school districts, parents and students adjust to the new realities of education due to COVID-19, the National Inventors Hall of Fame is committed to providing hybrid instructional materials that help school districts plan, teachers teach and students learn,” said NIHF CEO Michael Oister. “We are using the world-changing inventions of our NIHF Hall of Famers and the cutting-edge curriculum skills of our Education Team to develop hybrid learning resources that show young innovators that invention and creative problem-solving skills have no boundaries.”

 More information on the Invention Project K-6 program is available here.