One reply on “Libby Hill: Bird-friendly Evanston – working to make a bird-safe city”

  1. Back in the mid-1980s my late husband and I erected a standard-height hoop for our basketball- crazy sons. Unfortunately, the basket was only 10’ or so from the of our house, resulting in multiple broken storm windows. Ultimately, we replaced some of them with acrylic “glass.”
    The unintended consequence: saving dozens of bird lives. Prior to our acrylic broken windows solution, several birds each year died after crashing into the glass storm windows. Since installing the acrylic replacements, the birds simply bounce off the windows which flex upon impact. Some do knock themselves out for an hour or two before flying away, but only two have died over the past 35 years.
    My suggestion: replace glass storm windows with a slightly flexible material which would save countless bird lives.

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